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Mobile LED Display

Features of the Mobile LED Display
The LianTronics mobile LED displays for trucks and trailers highlight your events and products whether it’s sunny and bright or windy and storming. High contrast ratio makes the display easy to read and its strong construction withstands damage from weather.

1. The super thin display takes up little exterior space but gives the vehicle a nice appearance

2. Special ventilation design disperse heat inside the panel, prolonging the overall lifespan of the LED display

3. With a high protection grade, it is applicable in a variety of conditions

4. Low power consumption helps reduce operation costs

5. Stable signal and power supply ensures reliable operation

6. Super wide viewing angle allows more people to see the sign

7. Long life span of 5-8 years or longer if well-taken care of

8. Bright and clear images even in sunny environments

System Diagram
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    Pixel Pitch:5mm
    Panel Size:960×960mm


    Pixel Pitch: 8mm
    Panel Size: 640×720mm


    Pixel Pitch: 10mm
    Panel Size: 1280×960mm


    Pixel Pitch: 16mm
    Panel Size: 1200×1200mm

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